• HS-3300 three-phase training power supply
  • HS-3300 three-phase training power supply

HS-3300 three-phase training power supply

HS-3300 three-phase training power supply can be used as an analog power supply for various electric energy meter training devices, which can simulate voltage phase sequence, current phase sequence, reverse polarity of each phase current, voltage loss, current loss, and voltage loss , Voltage unbalance, current unbalance, voltage limit, current overcurrent and other functions.


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Technical Parameters

level of accuracy

0.1 level

The output voltage

Range: 0-240V; fineness of adjustment: 0.01% of rated range, phase adjustment; maximum output capacity: 40VA;

Output current

Range: 0.1-6A; fineness of adjustment: 0.0001A (minimum), phase adjustment; maximum output capacity: 10VA;


Range: 0-359.99°; adjustment fineness: 0.01°, can be adjusted in phases;


45Hz-65Hz; adjustment fineness: 0.01 Hz;

Output waveform distortion

Voltage, current ≤ 0.5%;

Voltage, current, power stability


Harmonic output

Harmonic frequency: 2~51 times;

Harmonic content: less than 40% (relative to the fundamental wave);

Harmonic phase: 0°~359.99°;

Device input power

220V±10%, 50Hz, maximum power consumption: 200VA.



Main features of the device:
1. Equipped with intelligent system control technology, multi-CPU collaborative processing;
2.2-51 harmonics, the content angle can be set, the total content of harmonics is less than 40%, the angle can be set arbitrarily;
3. Adopt compact design, small size and light weight;
4. Suitable for all kinds of wrong wiring and fault simulation devices;


our company

Zhejiang Shengdi Technology Inc is a well-known China three-phase analog power manufacturers, which is specialized in researching and producing wholesale three-phase analog power, taking high technology as the core and innovative progress as the driving force of development.

The predecessor of the company, Haiyan Shengdi Electronic Technology Inc was founded in 2007, As a leading three-phase analog power factory in China, is now located in the Industrial New District, Wanghai Street, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province, with a registered capital of 31.5 million yuan, covering an area of nearly 12000 square meters, and a construction area of more than 20,000 square meters. In September 2015, Haiyan Shengdi Electronic Technology Inc completed the shareholding reform and changed its name to Zhejiang Shengdi Technology Inc. In February 2016, it was listed in the National SME Share Transfer System (Ticker symbol: 835812).

At present, Shengdi Technology has 126 employees, including 8 senior engineers. Also, it has four operation centers, including R&D, marketing, manufacturing and supply chain, and one departments of Zhengzhou Technical Service Center which integrates R & D, sales and service. Among them, about 70% of employees have been to junior college or above. In 2019, the industrial output value reached more than 60 million RMB, with a year-on-year growth of 35.8%. The company has six series of various electrical measuring equipment and more than 20 kinds of products.

Since 2009, the company was first rated as "Zhejiang High-Tech Enterprise" and "Software Enterprise" has been continuously reviewed and passed.
In 2010, the products of Shengdi passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and have been continuously improved to ensure it can be effectively operated.
In 2008, Shengdi Technology Inc was given the honor of "Jiaxing Private Technology Enterprise" and "Jiaxing High-Tech Enterprise".
In 2012, it was awarded "Rising Star of SME” in Jiaxing.
In 2013, it was awarded "Top 30 Small Enterprises with the Most Growth Potential in Jiaxing".
In 2014, Shengdi Science and Technology Research and Development Center (Shengdi Electromagnetic Measurement) was given the honor as "Provincial High-Tech Enterprise Research and Development Center", and Shengdi Technology was recognized as "Enterprise of Safety Production Standardization in Level 3".
In 2015, it was awarded "Innovative Enterprise of Jiaxing City".
In 2018, it was awarded "Technology Innovation Industrial Enterprise of the Year".
In 2020, it was awarded as "Integrity Private Enterprise of the Year 2018-2019".


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