Author: admin / 2022-06-17


  Energy Meter Detection Bench is one of our products. The following will introduce the abnormal fault detection method of smart energy meters.

  In fact, there are many aspects of the abnormal performance of smart electricity meters, such as reverse electricity metering, abnormal increase in electricity increments, and smart electricity meters stopping electricity metering. If the above abnormal phenomenon does not occur, the normal measurement of the smart energy meter still cannot be realized. It may be related to the defects in the software design of smart meters. In general, the abnormal causes and performance of smart energy meters are relatively complex, and at the same fault point, it may be caused by different fault causes. Therefore, it is necessary to summarize the targeted fault detection methods based on the combination of different fault phenomena. . However, due to certain differences in the design of different smart energy meters, the same failure problem occurs in different locations. Therefore, in the actual fault detection and analysis, first of all, it is necessary to clarify the design method of the software and hardware of the smart energy meter. First, for the reference voltage value, it is necessary to check the manual of the metering chip, or directly provided by the manufacturer; the other is for the sampling input range, it is necessary to refer to the manual of the metering chip. The third is for voltage sampling, and it is necessary to determine whether the sampling method is to use a voltage divider resistor or a voltage transformer for sampling; the fourth is for current sampling, it is necessary to clarify whether the manganese copper shunt method or current transformer is used; the fifth is for the type of communication channel, Need to determine what kind of more common UART, SCI, etc. are. Sixth, for the source of pulse output, it is necessary to determine whether it is from the metering chip or from the MCU. For the source of electric energy calculation, it is necessary to determine whether it is the pulse number calculation of the source MCU or the transmission of electric energy value by the MCU + metering chip. After the design method and the fault combination are determined, it is necessary to combine different fault phenomena to realize the priority detection of suspicious fault points.

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