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Three-Phase Energy Meter Test Benches Manufacturers

Author: admin / 2023-03-02
The Three-phase Energy Meter Test Benches are used for calibration of energy meters. The bench includes a source cabinet and a meter rack. The meter rack is usually configured to hold between ten and twenty energy meters. However, different configurations are available to meet specific testing requirements.
The GF3000 series stationary three-phase energy meter test bench is an automated system that enables multi-position calibration and verification of three-phase electric energy meters. This bench is compatible with IEC 60736 and is equipped with the latest electronic measurement technology. It features high accuracy, a 6-digit display, and energy relative errors of 0.05%.
Three-phase Energy Meter Test Benches Manufacturer Rowwin Test's RT6303H High-Accuracy Three-Phase Energy Meter Test Bench is equipped with advanced digital power source technology and watt-hour meter calibration software. Its high stability and exceptional flexibility make it the perfect solution for energy meter manufacturers and utility companies.
The GDYB series Single/Three Phase Energy Meter Test Bench manufacturers offer a complete line of products for energy meter testing. This bench has a compact design and a good appearance. It is also fully functional, with a keyboard and PC operation. The GDYB series is also ideal for testing single-phase energy meters.