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Three-Phase Energy Meter Test Bench is a Comprehensive Solution

Author: admin / 2023-03-22
Having the right meters to measure energy usage is crucial not only for the utility companies and consumers but also for the meter manufacturers. The electricity meter is one of the most important devices in the power network that requires the highest standards for performance, accuracy, and reliability.
The Three-phase Energy Meter Test Bench is a comprehensive solution for testing and calibrating energy meters, enabling meter manufacturers to verify their products are functioning correctly. This equipment provides full compatibility with IEC 60736 and includes all the necessary components to ensure accurate calibration of the meter.
Overview of the Three-phase Energy Meter Test Bench
The GF3000 series stationary meter test bench is a fully automatic system that enables simultaneous, multi-position calibration and verification of three phase electric energy meters error, offering full compatibility with IEC 60736. This test bench is a cost-effective solution for utility companies, energy meter manufacturers and other customers that need to perform quality assurance and certification tests on electricity meters. It combines the difference 0.02% reference standards and power amplifier in one test bench to provide a complete measurement and testing solution.
Features of the GF3000 Three-phase Energy Meter Test Bench
The Three-Phase energy meter tester is designed to test a variety of meter types and has a built in 30 Amp phantom load. Its patented technology provides an accurate and repeatable test, while avoiding the time-consuming hassle of rewiring or relocating a meter.
Its compact design and advanced automation make it simple to operate, with a user-defined process for testing energy meters. It includes pre-heating, actuation and false actuation tests, standard deviation test, basic error test, as well as other functions for testing all aspects of energy meters.
In addition to being able to test a wide range of three phase meters, this instrument offers a free run counter timer and packet mode for testing meter type that do not have a built in clock. The free run counter timer helps simplify the process of setting up the meter and generating an accurate measurement and packet mode makes it easier to use the instrument.
How to Use the Three-phase Energy Meter Test Bench
To make a test on all three phase conductors, position the clamp jaw around the first conductor and then move it to the second conductor within 10 seconds. The meter will display the total voltage between L1 and L2 after the test.
If the meter is not functioning correctly, a red error indicator will appear on the screen. You can then reset the meter to correct its malfunction and test again.
When the meter is functioning correctly, the red indicator will stop. This will enable the meter to be placed back on the test bench and then start the test cycle again.
How to Set Up the GF3000 Three-Phase Energy Meter Test Bench
The GF3000 three phase energy meter tester is a highly configurable unit that enables you to easily configure and create your own tests. You can configure the tests to run in a specific order and even include the correct phase rotation when performing the measurement.