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The country's first provincial-level power company takes the lead in replacing local standards for electric energy meter status

Author: admin / 2021-07-16
On May 16, it was learned from the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Administration that the Jiangsu Provincial Local Regulations "In-use Calibration Specifications for Electronic AC Watt-hour Meters", which was prepared by the company, was approved and officially released and will be officially implemented on September 1. This is the country's first provincial-level power company to lead the preparation of local regulations for the state replacement of electric energy meters. Jiangsu Province's electric energy meters will be changed from "regular replacement" to "state replacement." Since 2010, the whole province of Jiangsu has begun to promote the application of smart meters. Currently, there are about 42 million smart meters in operation.
According to the original regulations for the verification of electronic watt-hour meters, the meter's running time has reached an 8-year verification period and will be forcibly dismantled for verification. It is estimated that the implementation of this standard can save the company hundreds of millions of yuan in the cost of purchasing, testing, and installing electric energy meters each year. It has great social and economic benefits and environmental protection value, and will promote the continuous improvement of the quality management of electric energy meters in Jiangsu Province.