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Standard Tests for Electric Energy Meters

Author: admin / 2022-04-02

We cannot imagine life without electricity, when there is electricity consumption, it is necessary to measure its consumption. Here the energy meter comes into the picture. In every home, shopping mall, industry, energy meters are used everywhere to measure the energy consumed. Improvements in energy meter technology have added value-added features such as remote sensing, LCD display, feedback, and many quality monitoring functions among them. But it raises the issue of electromagnetic interference that affects device performance. Therefore, in order to improve reliability, electric energy meters must pass various electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests, compared with the laboratory under various conditions, to ensure their accuracy in the field.

The performance tests of an energy meter as per IEC standards are divided mainly in three segments which include its mechanical aspects, electrical circuiting, and climatic conditions.

1. Mechanical component tests.

2. Climatic conditions test include those limits which influence the performance of the meter externally.

3. Electrical requirements covered many tests before giving accuracy certificate. Under this segment, energy meter is tested for:

·Heating effect

·Proper insulation

·Supply of voltage

·Protection to earth fault

·Electromagnetic compatibility

An electromagnetic compatible test is the most important test, which eventually ensures the delicacy of the energy cadence. This test is disintegrated in two corridor-bone is Emission tests, and the other is Impunity test. The electromagnetic hindrance problem is veritably common to the moment. Those circuits in use at the moment, can emit electromagnetic energy which can affect the performance and trust ability of both its inner circuitry and the near outfit. EMI can travel through conduction or by radiation. Therefore, we need a new type of EMC Energy Meter Test Bench produced by us, which is in line with the test standards.