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Range of Energy Meter Detection Bench

Author: admin / 2023-05-05
Energy Meter Detection Bench is one of the specialized testing equipments used by power transmission and distribution companies in order to test the accuracy of electricity meters. The accuracy of energy meters is essential for accurate billing purposes. It is important to select the right type of meter testing equipments in order to ensure that the test process goes smoothly and without any hassles.
We offer a wide range of Energy Meter Detection Bench that are easy to use, durable and can be customized according to your needs. This equipment can be adapted to a number of different industries and applications.
Digital Multifunctional Integrated Instrument
Metravi PM-10B is a digital multifunctional measurement instrument that integrates Voltage test, Current test and Power test. It is widely applied in the production line, lab and quality control department of manufacturing enterprises. Its advanced processing technology and intelligent electronic design make it a powerful instrument.
It can be used as an energy meter tester, electrical test equipment and other measuring instruments in factories, research centers, laboratories and production lines. Its high speed processor and a programmable controller are capable of integrating multiple functions.
Electricity meters are the primary means of registering energy consumption in homes and businesses, which is a prerequisite for accurate billing and supply. They are also subjected to periodic tests for ensuring the accuracy of their performance and functionality.
These measurements are done by a high precision meter tester that measures and calibrates all types of energy meters. This ensures that the meters comply with legal metrological standards and are free from non-technical losses, revenue loss or overbilling.
EMTL offers credible and quality service which is being extensively availed by power utilities in India and foreign customers from Bangladesh, China and Turkey. Moreover, EMTL has a dedicated mobile testing facility at RTL, Noida and has been accredited as per IS 15707:2006.
We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of energy meter testing equipment. Our products include the ES-1000, EMTL-500, EMTL-500-S, EMTL-500-C and EMTL-500-E.
The ES-1000 is an ideal meter tester for the power industry. It can be configured with up to four detectors, either panel mounted or remote-head. It features a dynamic range of +8 dBm to -80 dBm, and it can be configured for a variety of measurement applications, including single-mode and multimode fiber optic connectors. Its patented "easy on easy off" SD slide detector adapters are available for a range of fiber optic connectors.
This meter tester is an economical solution for the utility industry. It has a low price and can be modified to meet specific requirements. It is compact, safe and easy to use.
It is a multifunctional energy meter tester that can test 12 pieces of single phase or three phase energy meters at a time. It is equipped with a multiplexed carrier communication converter and a built-in 3 common use carrier converter module. It is compatible with the communication protocol DL/T614-2007 and DL/T645-2007.
The meter tester is an ideal choice for the energy sector, including water conservancy, power, transportation and colliery departments. It can be used to test different type of single phase energy meters, single phase multi-function meters, single phase intelligent meters and other meters with special wiring and ANSI standard meter.