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In 2016, the special supervision of the market order of the user's power supply project was launched

Author: admin / 2021-09-23

On July 5, the National Energy Administration held a special supervision meeting for the market order of user power receiving projects in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, officially launching the special supervision of the market order of user power receiving projects in 2016.

This special supervision lasts for 4 months and is one of the 4 key special tasks of the National Energy Administration for market supervision in 2016. The Regional Energy Regulatory Bureau will select 1 province (autonomous region, municipality) and the Provincial Energy Regulatory Office will select 2-3 Prefecture-level cities are key areas under supervision, and Shaanxi Province is a key province under the supervision of the National Energy Administration. The special supervision will mainly supervise the expansion of the installation and connection system and business specifications of the power grid enterprises, the disclosure of information and market behaviors in accordance with regulations, and the management and use of supporting fees for power supply and distribution facilities in new residential communities.

The meeting emphasized that special supervision of the market order of users' power supply projects is an important part of power supply service supervision. It protects users' right to know and independent choice, guarantees users' right to participate in competition on an equal footing in the power supply project market, and builds a fair and open user's power supply. The engineering market environment is of great significance. Organize special supervision of the market order of user power receiving projects, the main purpose is to manage the phenomenon of direct, indirect or disguised designation units, construction units, and equipment and materials supply units (referred to as "three designations") by power supply companies in user power receiving projects. , To further regulate the market order of user power receiving projects and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of market entities.

The meeting put forward three requirements for this special supervision. First, we must strengthen the organization and leadership, improve the working mechanism, refine the work plan, and ensure the progress of the work; second, we must adhere to the problem orientation, highlight the key nodes, carry out rigorous and detailed on-site inspections, and eliminate formalities and formalities; third, we must seriously deal with the problems found. Formulate rectification plans and take effective measures to supervise and urge the implementation of rectifications one by one.

More than 50 representatives from the Market Supervision Department of the National Energy Administration, Northwest Energy Supervision Bureau, State Grid Corporation Marketing Department, Shaanxi Provincial Power Grid Corporation and Shaanxi Provincial Electric Power (Group) Co., Ltd. participated in the kick-off meeting.