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GFUVE GROUNDER Energy Meter Test Bench

Author: admin / 2023-02-21
The Energy Meter Test Bench has a number of characteristics, which make it ideal for performing a variety of energy meter calibrations. It has a powerful digital power source, a single-chip microprocessor at its core, and various testing techniques to ensure a high level of accuracy. Its features include meeting the international standards IEC60736/IS12346, IEC62057/IS15707 Testing Equipment for Electrical Energy Meters, and IS13779 Electricity Metering Equipment.
The Energy Meter Test Bench features a report generation tool that can connect to a database. The software provides detailed, step-by-step, and graphical reports of all tests. The reports can be generated using various parameters such as start and end date, firmware version, and the type of test performed. The report generation tool is equipped with advanced features and is capable of exporting and importing files.
Its high precision 0.02/0.05 class three-phase checking instrument can test error changes precisely. Its capacity varies from 10 to 40 meters. Other configurations can also be ordered according to user requirements. It is equipped with scanning heads, s calculators, and quick connector systems. Its modular development ensures a quick and easy testing process. It also features a software program that allows the operator to set up the test meter positions.
The GFUVE GROUP meter test bench is suitable for performing energy meter testing on-site and in the lab. It meets all the standards and criteria for comprehensive meter testing. It is capable of distinguishing between reference meters and standard power sources. The GFUVE GROUNDER energy meter test bench complies with IEC60736 and ANSI C12.1-2014 standards. It is available in different configurations for testing different types of energy meters.