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Electromagnetic Compatibility Energy Meter Test Bench

Author: admin / 2023-05-23
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing equipment can help your product pass the initial compliance tests needed to ensure that it is compliant with regulatory standards. In addition, this testing can be used to identify potential problems that could impact product performance or integrity in an environment where EMC compliance is required.
The EMC Energy Meter Test Bench is an automated test system that combines a variety of test capabilities to deliver accurate and efficient results at competitive prices. This test platform is ideal for performing a wide range of electromagnetic compatibility testing, including immunity, emissions, power surge, and more.
EMC testing is a crucial part of the development process for all electronic devices, from laptop computers to televisions and home appliances. When products fail EMC testing, the manufacturer must rework their design to meet the standards or risk sending them to a test lab for certification. In some cases, the product may not even make it to market at all.
For this reason, it is essential that the manufacturer has access to EMC testing tools before sending their product off for compliance testing. This is known as pre-compliance testing, and is often overlooked until the final stage of product development.
Immunity Testing
There are many different types of immunity tests, which include applying continuous waves to a product, and also using short-term, transient waves to assess the product’s response to certain EM phenomena. These tests are typically conducted at very low levels of power, allowing the device to operate normally with minimal degradation in performance.
Electricity Meters
There is a growing need for electricity meters to be more efficient in their reporting of energy consumption. This has led to the development of smart energy meters that incorporate electronics and control interfaces. The addition of these elements means that more EMC testing must be done to ensure that the meter is working efficiently in a wide range of conditions.
These tests are a complex process and can be very time consuming, so reducing the amount of time taken to perform these tests is key. To help reduce the time it takes to conduct these tests, EMC PARTNER specialise in the development of a range of impulse test equipment that can simulate the impulse and short duration disturbances that can be propogated down power mains.
EMI Measurement
Emissions testing uses a wide range of EMI measurement equipment to determine the amount and type of unwanted noise generated by a device. This includes receiving antennas, amplifiers and spectrum analyzers, which work together to provide a clear view of the amount and nature of interference that is being produced by the device under test.
These tests can be conducted either on an open area or inside a shielded, anechoic test chamber. The choice of test location is based on the nature of the application and the frequency of the signals to be tested. Regardless of the location, EMC testing requires high-quality EMI measuring tools to provide a reliable and accurate reading.