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Electrical fire safety inspection

Author: admin / 2021-07-16
Electrical fire safety inspection is based on modern physical phenomena such as thermal radiation, acoustic emission, electromagnetic emission and so on during the operation of electrical facilities, using internationally advanced high-tech instruments and equipment, combined with traditional inspection methods to conduct comprehensive quantitative monitoring of electrical facilities . In this way, it can reflect the existence, degree of danger and accurate location of electrical fire hazards more comprehensively, scientifically and accurately, and promptly propose corresponding rectification measures to eliminate hidden hazards and avoid electrical fire accidents.
As a sign of social progress, electrification has increasingly entered various fields of the national economy and people’s lives. At the same time, it has also induced a large number of fire hazards due to various reasons, causing shocking casualties and economic losses. ! The electrical fire hazard has a certain "concealment" and "latency period", and it is often difficult to discover with naked eyes. For non-professional ordinary people, it is difficult to realize and correctly detect whether electrical equipment is overheated, aging, or damaged. Therefore, according to the laws and characteristics of electrical fires, targeted promotion and application of a series of active prevention technologies, especially some high-tech technologies, can greatly improve the ability to prevent and control electrical fires. This urgently needs to establish a set of scientific, accurate and operable electrical fire safety inspection methods, means and regulations and establish corresponding professional inspection institutions. As the need of social development, electrical fire safety inspection shows its irreplaceable role in modern fire protection work.
Electrical inspection has been economically developed in the West for several decades, and its technical regulations have been quite complete, and the electrical inspection industry in my country has just started. Based on this, we refer to the relevant developed experience and introduce internationally advanced testing instruments. And equipment, through the comprehensive quantitative monitoring of electrical facilities, etc., and comprehensively and accurately reflect the accurate location of electrical fire hazards, the traditional inspection work is promoted to a new scientific level. Achieved the scientific, graphical, and data-based identification of electrical fire hazards, which is the result of scientific and technological progress.