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DC Reference Standard Meter Factory

Author: admin / 2023-02-15
DC Reference Standard Meter Factory, founded in 2007, is a leading manufacturer of reference standard meters in China. This company has a production area of 12000 square meters and is based in Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province. High technology and innovation are at the heart of its development and production process.
It offers DC reference standards of both voltage and current. The precision of these standards is 0.002% or better. These are often used in the testing and calibration of DC wattmeters, power meters, transformers, temperature controllers, and more. The DC Reference Standard Meter Factory offers high-volume calibration and testing services, maintaining traceable SI standards and issuing calibration reports.
During World War II, the US military needed a meter to measure electric usage. The meter was called the Reason meter. It consisted of a vertically mounted glass structure with a mercury reservoir. The mercury was transferred to the bottom of the column by electrochemical action. The meter then recorded the amount of electricity used and billed the customer accordingly.
If you are looking for high-quality DC reference standard meters made in China, you can find them at the leading manufacturers. One of them is Zhejiang Shengdi Technology Inc., which was established in 2007. Its production facility covers 12000 square meters. It has a strong focus on innovative progress and high technology.
The DC Reference Standard Meter is a versatile tool for testing, calibrating, and comparing energy meters. Its high precision accuracy (0.02%) makes it useful for measuring power, voltage, and frequency. It is also designed to connect to other computer systems. It can also measure power factors and phase angles.
The DC Reference Standard Meter manufacturers make different types of meters. There are those for a single phase. Another one is for three-phase power. These meters are used to calibrate electricity meters. They can be digital or electromechanical. They are usually portable and can be used to test the accuracy of an energy meter. Some of these meters are compatible with PCs and can store up to 8000 test results.
Fluke Calibration 732C DC Voltage Reference Standard is a RoHS compliant device. It is used to measure DC and voltage in primary and secondary standards laboratories. Its output has a greater resolution than other standard cells. Additionally, it offers lower noise levels and simpler operation. Its 1.0 and 1.018-volt outputs can be used as direct replacements for standard cells. They also feature stability better than 0.5ppm over 30 days.