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Preventing and controlling the "new crown"-Shengdi Technology Volunteers are in action!

Author: admin / 2021-09-23

This year's Spring Festival may be a little different. It was originally a time when thousands of families were reunited with lights, but due to an epidemic, the land of China was prevented from singing and laughing. Behind the sentimental and fearful figures, the figures going up against each other interpret love and hope for us.

The current situation in the prevention and control of new coronavirus infection and pneumonia is grim. In response to the Haiyan County Party Committee and County Government’s prevention and control tasks for the new coronavirus, we will practice the spirit of volunteers and assume social responsibility forever. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, we will do our best to deal with the epidemic. For prevention and control work, the leaders of Zhejiang Shengdi Technology Co., Ltd. immediately claimed the task and called on employees to join the ranks of volunteers.

After receiving the news of recruiting volunteers, the four employees of our company's management department Lu Qiming, sales department Fang Yuesheng, production department Wu Guangen, and Zhu Haifeng took the initiative to sign up and actively participated in this volunteer service to support epidemic prevention and control on all fronts. At intersections, parking inspections, temperature measurement of drivers of passing vehicles, registration of vehicles entering and exiting, patient persuasion, reducing the flow of people, and blocking the spread of the epidemic, they have used practical actions to gather warm and firm "a touch of red" on the front line of prevention and control.

At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, we are concerned about the lives of people in quarantine at home. Volunteers from our company stepped forward and turned into service teams. Isolate the masses "zero out" to ensure the isolation effect.

Fang Yuesheng, an old party member of the sales department, actually started his party member volunteer service as early as the fourth day of the Lunar New Year. As a party member, he will always be in front of others to do good deeds. He is on duty at intersections, foreign personnel and vehicles are registered, and he is over six years old. He is still energetic in the past ten days, and it is worth learning from all the employees of the company!

The love of caring for a small family is narrow-minded love, and it is great love to spread love to the society. None of us can extend the length of life, but it is our duty and obligation to expand the breadth of life and make more contributions to society. When fighting the epidemic, there is such a group of red vests behind us, giving us the strongest support and confidence.

Thanks to these volunteers from the company, you are the beautiful "retrograde" in the prevention of the new crown virus!

"The silver hoe from the five ridges of the sky fell, and the earth moved Sanhe's iron arms. If you ask Wenjun where he wants to go, the paper boat will burn in the sky!" I firmly believe that under the leadership of the party and the government, the whole people are one mind, and the mass prevention and control, we will surely win this war without gunpowder!