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Good news-our company won the bid for "Procurement of Multi-core Module Watt-hour Meter Function Testing Device" by China Electric Power Research Institute and State Grid Metrology Center

Author: admin / 2021-09-23

Since 2019, the State Grid Corporation of China has launched a new generation of smart energy meters "Specifications for single-phase and three-phase multi-core modular meters". Major electrical energy meter manufacturers have also actively carried out R&D and production in accordance with the new requirements. Our company is used as the production of electrical energy. The professional enterprise of meter testing device actively responds to the call of the State Grid, appoints the company’s top technical talents, provides maximum support in terms of technology, financial resources, materials, etc., and makes every effort to research and develop testing that meets the testing and test items of multi-cell module electric energy meter functional modules. Device (with DC voltage sag and short-term interruption test, radio frequency magnetic field immunity test, conducted differential mode current generator, error calibration test, load current rapid change test, terminal temperature detection test, multi-core module electric energy meter Functional test, etc.), and won the bid in the “Procurement of Multi-core Module Watt-hour Meter Functional Testing Device” project of the China Electric Power Research Institute.