• HS-6768C Float Flowmeter Testing Device
  • HS-6768C Float Flowmeter Testing Device

HS-6768C Float Flowmeter Testing Device

HS-6768C Float Flowmeter Detection Device is a device that uses the standard meter method to verify the float flowmeter. The standard electromagnetic flowmeter is used as the measurement reference, so that the fluid can continuously pass through the standard electromagnetic flowmeter and the tested float flowmeter in the same time interval. , The software automatically obtains the indication value of the standard electromagnetic flowmeter, and manually reads the indication value of the inspected float flowmeter, and the software automatically compares the output flow values of the two to determine the measurement performance of the inspected float flowmeter.


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Applicable caliber


Straight pipe

5 D

Type of Checked Meter

Glass Rotameter

Flow range

(0.0 04 40 )m 3 /h

Number of tables

1 epitope

Work pressure

0.3 ~ 0.6 Mpa )

Verification method

Standard table method

Standard measure

0.5 level standard electromagnetic flowmeter

Uncertainty of device expansion

U r = (0.05% ~ 0. 5 %) ,k = 2

Flow stability

Better than 0.2%

Equipment size

4 2.5 2 m (length×width×height)

1. Configure multiple standard flow meters, flow range: 004-40m3/h full coverage.
2. A reasonable standard electromagnetic flowmeter can be automatically selected according to the diameter of the float flowmeter being inspected.
3. Verification method: standard table method
4. Obtain the indication value of standard electromagnetic flowmeter automatically.
5. The measurement performance such as the indication error (positive and negative stroke) and return difference of the tested float flowmeter is automatically calculated through the software.
6. Equipped with dedicated PC operation management software under Windows, the verification software is more humane and intelligent, supports data storage and upload, and supports remote upgrades.
7. Data processing: automatically calculate and draw verification conclusions according to regulations, can save all water meter verification data, and have database functions such as verification record query, correction, statistics, and printing

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