• HS-6768B Water meter sealing test device
  • HS-6768B Water meter sealing test device

HS-6768B Water meter sealing test device

HS-6768B water meter sealing test device is a manual / automatic water meter sealing test device. In automatic mode, in addition to manual meter installation, the rest of the work is automatically completed by computer control equipment to determine whether the sealing of the meter is qualified or not. Manually check of specific epitopes is not qualified. Manual mode can be manually controlled by the switch of each pneumatic valve.


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Straight tube


Water Meter Type

Mechanical water meter, ultrasonic water meter, electromagnetic water meter, remote water meter

Flow range



6 Positions


0~1.6Mpa(Option 0-3Mpa)





Function advantage:
1.One key to start, can do Sealing test of water meter.
2.The device is equipped with a protective cover to blocking-up the spilling water from the explosion meter.
3.Adjust the pressure values which you want, support to control by program/Manual.
4.Pressure determination method: software automatic determination, data storage and upload to MES system & manual viewing of pressure indicator.
5.Equipped with a special exhaust effect view window to see if the air in the pipeline is clean.
6.The verification process can be automatically controlled by computer or manually controlled by valves.
7.Digital management, automatic mode without manual intervention.
8.With Software Operate system which more humanized, intelligent, rich interface information,can support remote upgrade.
9.Data processing: automatically calculation and draw verification conclusions, can save,query, correction, statistics, report printing and other database functions.

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