• HS-6307 Electricity Information Collection Terminal Test Device
  • HS-6307 Electricity Information Collection Terminal Test Device

HS-6307 Electricity Information Collection Terminal Test Device

The HS-6307 power consumption information collection terminal verification device is a high-performance equipment designed based on the international new generation of digital technology. The device is mainly composed of high-performance signal source, SPWM power amplifier, digital standard electric energy meter, carrier communication system, and high-precision multi-function detection unit. The verification provides a complete solution. The device has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high detection efficiency, high accuracy, complete functions, stability and reliability, and has a high performance-to-price ratio, which represents the current high technical level of electric energy detection in the industry.


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Index Item

0.05 level

Standard configuration level

HS-5300 Class 0.05

Output range

Voltage: 3×30~300V Current: 3×10mA~30A

Output phase

0~360°, resolution: 0.01°

Output frequency

45~65Hz, resolution: 0.01Hz

Waveform distortion

Voltage, current <0.5% ( relative to linear load)

Power stability

<0.05%/120 seconds

Output capacity

Voltage: 240VA; Current: 500VA

Load characteristics

Resistive, inductive, and capacitive

Start current output

1mA minimum, accuracy: 5%, starting power: accuracy 5%

Communication test

GPRS/RS232/230 radio/Ethernet, supporting the State Grid and Southern China Grid protocols.

Number of school tables


Dimensions (mm)

Length × width × height : 24 00 × 750 × 1 92 0

Environmental conditions

Temperature: 20℃±5℃; Humidity: <85% RH

Device input power

AC220±10%, 50/60Hz, AC120/240V, ordering requires instructions;
maximum power consumption: 1500VA

Functional advantages:
Six independently adjustable three-phase signal sources to meet various on-site simulation environments required by the test terminal.
Support multiple forms of communication: including RS232, GPRS, CDMA, 230 radio, Ethernet, etc.
Reliable multi-channel pulse detection and accurate error processing technology can perform error test on common transformer and special transformer terminal.
SPWM technology Power amplifier, large capacity, high performance, low power consumption, automatic alarm protection.
Modular design, good component versatility, easy to disassemble and maintain.
One-key verification control management system, automatically completed according to the plan.
Standardized cabinet, one-time stamping and forming, all aluminum alloy frame, more beautiful and firmer.
In-depth customization according to functional requirements, more humanized and differentiated design.
Model specification:



Scope of application


Electricity information collection terminal verification device

Type Ⅲ Verification of Special Transformer Acquisition Terminal


Multifunctional verification device for collecting terminal of electricity consumption information

Integrated device of terminal, concentrator and collector


Verification device for electricity consumption information collector

Suitable for the verification of type Ⅰ collector and type Ⅱ collector

Function parameter:

Function item




Parameter setting and query

Data collection

Data processing

Remote control


Task report

Data collection (AC sampling)

Carrier function test


Collector function test

Device configuration table:

Installation item




Standard energy meter

Power source

Error handling system

Multiple pulse input

Multifunctional verification unit

Automatic short circuit

Carrier communication

Power consumption test

Clock tester

GPS timing

Note: ●─Basic configuration; 〇─Optional configuration

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