• HS-9203 Smart Circuit Breaker Test Device
  • HS-9203 Smart Circuit Breaker Test Device

HS-9203 Smart Circuit Breaker Test Device

HS-9203 Smart circuit breaker test device is a special device for electric quantity test of intelligent circuit breaker.

This device is convenient to realize the high precision test of multi-epitope smart circuit breaker through the technology of high precision high power up-current transformer, and can be widely used to test circuit breakers of various specifications.

This device is equipped with high power modulation power amplifier, automatic switching with full range, high output power, high reliability and stable performance. It is ideal automatic test equipment for smart circuit breaker.

It is a new generation of ideal multi-epitope smart circuit breaker calibration equipment that makes the usual heavy and boring calibration work easier and brighter.


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Technical Specification

Bench Accuracy

0.05 class

Reference Meter

HS-5300 Three Phase Wide-range Reference Meter  Accuracy:0.05 class



Output Voltage

3×0-480V;Adjust range:0-120%  Adjust Fineness:0.01%,Can adjust each phase seperately;

Output Current

3×100mA-1200A   Adjust Fineness:0.001A(Min.),Can adjust each phase seperately;

Output Capacity


Current Transformer

HS-9561 Current transformer:

Accuracy :0.02 class(COSΦ=0.5C…1…0.5L , 2-1200A)

0.05 class(COSΦ=0.5C…1…0.5L , 0.5-2A)

0.1 class (COSΦ=0.5C…1…0.5L , 0.1-0.5A)

Primary current:0.01-120A

Secondary current:0.1-1200A

Output power:1000VA (MAX,1000A)

Output phase

Range:0-359.99°;Adjust Fineness:0.01°,Can adjust each phase seperately;

Output frequency

45Hz-65Hz;Adjust Fineness:0.01Hz;

Waveform Distortion




Load characteristics

Resistive,inductive and capacitive

Test function

Voltage and current adjustment,Temperature rise test,residual current tripping function

Communication Test

RS485 Communication test,according to the protocol of the measured meter.


2  Position (125/250A),2 Position(400/630A),1 Position (800A)

Can custom position

Power supply

3 X 220V/380V (Y)±10%,50Hz;Max. consumption:2500VA/phase




5 Pos.:2400×1100×1800mm

5 Pos.:2400×1100×1800mm


Cabinet:600×800×1845 mm


GB 20044-2012  Electrical accessories - Portable residual current devices without integral overcurrent protection for household and similar use (PRCD)

GB 14048.1-2012  Low-voltage switchgear and control gear―Part 1: General rules 

GB 14048.2-2008 Low-voltage switchgear and control gear-Part 2:Circuit-breakers

Q/GDW 11421-2015 Technical Specification for External Circuit Breakers of Electric Energy Meters

Main Features:

1.Custom pneumatic quick connection,automaticly crimping circuit breaker,no need manul wiring any more.
2.Can be compatible with various specifications of long and short meter type.
3.Large current,large capacity,high precision output,
4.Test function: Voltage and current adjustment,Temperature rise test,residual current tripping function.
5.With customized operate software,more humanized, intelligent; can support remote upgrade.

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