Author: admin / 2022-05-07

      We are a technology company with a series of products, such as the Three-phase Energy Meter Test Bench. Let me introduce to you what a three-phase power supply is.

  The most common mainstream NF4 platform is the three-phase power supply circuit, and the four-phase power supply circuit is relatively rare.

  In general, the more phases there are, the greater the current that can be supplied. One phase can provide about 30A to 80A of current, and two phases can provide 60A to 160A of current. As the power consumption of the new processors is increasing, the demand for current is getting higher and higher, so the power supply part of the motherboard is becoming more and more particular. But to solve the current problem, it can also be solved by increasing the current of the phase circuit. For example, some famous brand motherboards will use better quality electrical components when designing the power supply circuit, so that the CPU working environment will not be caused by the increase of the current. Stablize. Of course, in general, for the same brand, it is better to have more power supply phases than less, after all, the more phases, the higher the manufacturing cost.

  The eight-phase power supply design can indeed provide a more stable CPU voltage and purer current. The result is that the CPU can be overclocked to a higher frequency at a lower CPU voltage. This result is not difficult to understand and has been confirmed by numerous media tests and users.

  For overclockers, it is almost a law that pressurizing the CPU can increase the success rate of overclocking and enhance the stability of work. This is actually an illusion. The higher the voltage, the greater the probability of CPU operation errors. It can run SuperPi, but cannot run stably for a long time. Therefore, more overclockers are concerned about how much a CPU can exceed without pressure, or how high it can exceed when a little voltage is applied; the so-called best products mostly refer to the ability to exceed a high level under low pressure. frequency of the CPU. But when the CPU has a certain physique, a multi-phase power supply motherboard can make it easier to achieve the purpose of low voltage and high frequency.