Author: admin / 2022-05-27

We specialize in the production of a Three-phase Energy Meter Test Bench. Let's introduce the function of a three-phase power supply.

  In the low-voltage distribution network, the transmission line generally adopts a three-phase four-wire system, of which three lines represent A, B, and C three-phase, respectively, without splitting, and the other is the neutral line N (different from the neutral line, which is used when entering the user's In a single-phase transmission line, there are two lines, one is called the live line, and the other is called the neutral line. The neutral line normally passes current to form the current loop in the single-phase line, while in the three-phase system, the three The phase forms a loop by itself, and the neutral line is not current under normal circumstances), so it is called a three-phase four-wire system; in the 380V low-voltage distribution network, in order to obtain the 220V line from the 380V phase-to-phase voltage

  When using a phase voltage power supply, if the neutral wire is missing, the ground wire of the equipment can be used as the neutral wire, but the grounding should be ensured well (except for the three-phase four-wire power supply in general factories, the equipment is equipped with a ground wire). Regardless of the N line or the PE line, repeated grounding should be used on the user side to improve reliability. However, repeated grounding is just repeated grounding. It can only be connected together at the grounding point or close to the ground, but it does not mean that it can be connected together at any location, especially indoors.