Author: admin / 2022-03-25

    Electric energy measures are extensively used in life. Moment, power grid companies, public dimension, and testing institutions at all situations, dimension and testing centers of electric energy cadence manufacturers, and power operation and electric energy dimension of power force companies are thick from the operation of electric energy measures. It's particularly important to give accurate parameters for the electric energy cadence to work typically.

    At work, the factors that beget false noises to the error of the electric energy cadence are as follows

1) Temperature, frequency, voltage, waveform, cock effect, tone-heating effect, external glamorous field.

2) The current, which is generally appertained to as the size of the line cargo, the lower the cargo, the lesser the error. Line power factor, the lower the power factor, the lesser the error.

3) The asymmetry of the three-phase voltage and cargo also affects the dimension error. The low power factor of the cargo also affects the dimension error. During the examination, there's no examination point lower than0.5, and the power factor is too low, which isn't conducive to the operation of the power grid, causing large energy loss and voltage drop.

4) Wrong wiring and analysis of the electric energy cadence. Since high-voltage systems of 10kV and above generally use three- phase three- line power force, utmost high-voltage systems use three- phase two- element electric energy measures to measure electric energy. When the three-phase three-line electric energy cadence is incorrectly wired, numerous strange marvels will do some don't rotate, some rear, and some rotate forward with the change of the cargo power factor angle, occasionally reverse, and some rotate forward, but the metered The quantum of power doesn't match the factual.

    To break the error of the electric energy cadence, the electric energy cadence function test device is necessary, and the single-phase electric energy cadence function test device is composed of a single- phase program- controlled voltage source, multiple communication interfaces, multiple functional units, etc., which can realize the parameter setting and function discovery of the electric energy cadence. Parameter setting, communication function check, I/ O harborage check, plant parameter initialization, and other particulars can be realized. Its advantage is that it can realize parameter setting through the communication interface; it can realize the pull-in test of the electric energy cadence, multiple modes, can automatically switch, can realize the carrier communication test of the electric energy cadence, voluntary carrier regulator, support automatic switching; The erected-in dimension module realizes the input and affair verification of the I/ O interface.