Author: admin / 2022-06-10

Energy Meter Detection Bench is one of our products. Let's share some knowledge about energy meters!

  Electric energy meter, commonly known as watt-hour meter, is an instrument that measures the electric energy consumed by electrical appliances.

  Divided by principle: Electric energy meters are divided into two categories: induction type and electronic type;

  Power phase classification: there are single-phase electricity meters, three-phase electricity meters. The mechanical electric energy meter uses the eddy current generated by the voltage and current coil on the aluminum disk to interact with the alternating magnetic flux to generate electromagnetic force, which makes the aluminum disk rotate, and at the same time introduces the braking torque, so that the speed of the aluminum disk is proportional to the load power. Axial gear transmission, the electric energy is measured by accumulating the number of revolutions of the turntable by the counter. Therefore, the main structure of the watt-hour meter is composed of a voltage coil, a current coil, a turntable, a rotating shaft, a braking magnet, a gear, and a meter. The electronic energy meter is composed of a current transformer, an integrated metering chip, a microprocessor, a temperature compensation real-time clock, a data interface device and a man-machine interface device. The integrated metering chip converts the analog signal from the voltage divider and the current transformer into a digital signal, and performs digital integral operation on it, so as to obtain the active power and reactive power accurately. The data is requested to be processed. The result is stored in the data memory, and provides information and data exchange to the external interface at any time.

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